A POWER-pop trio are hoping to do their bit for the safety of one of man’s closest relatives when they Go Orange with the release of a “double ape” side charity single.

Wirral and North Wales-based Junebug – made up of brothers Guy and Ralph Latham and Warren Gilbert – are supporting Chester Zoo’s “Go Orange for Orangutans” campaign with two exclusive new tracks.

Penned in conjunction with the popular zoo, “The Song of Apes” and “She’s An Ape, Not a Monkey” are being released digitally and are sure to get you going ape - or perhaps swinging like an orangutan.

All proceeds will go directly to the Go Orange campaign – launched for the support and conservation of orangutans and their endangered habitats.

“Our aim is to help raise as much support and awareness towards Chester Zoo and their amazing conservation work,” explained Junebug drummer Warren.

“We’ve developed quite a fondness for these animals and as one of our closest relatives they need our help.

“Orangutans treetop homes in Sumatra and Borneo are some of the oldest on Earth, and had remained almost unchanged for the past 70 million years.

“However, in as little as the last 30 years more than 80% of their forest home has been destroyed.

“With their numbers dwindling we're on the verge of losing this species forever.  The same is true of all of the other great apes including chimpanzees, gorillas and bonobos.”

By supporting Junebug as they Go Orange, you can help to replant the rainforest home of endangered Orangutans in Borneo – vital to their future survival.

Warren added: “It’s easy to help, you simply donate £1 to download the tracks – or more if you wish – and the net proceeds go to helping orangutan conservation.”

  • To download the tracks, click here or here.