HOYLAKE'S "fro-yo" queens found it impossible to do anything but keep their cool when they played their part in the internet's latest fundraising sensation.

Charlotte and Stephanie Hodson, who run the Yog Bar on Market Street, were joined by friends and colleagues when they tackled the Ice Bucket Challenge in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association.

Following in the frozen footsteps of David Beckham, George W Bush and Benedict Cumberbatch, the Yog Bar team took to the street at the weekend where they were drenched with the ice-cold bucket of water in front of customers and passers-by.

Steph said: “We all put £5 in each and we have left the jar in the front of the shop for customers to contribute to. So far we’ve raised £50 between us before customers have contributed.

“Our video has had 3,020 views on Facebook so far and we surprised lots of our local businesses by nominating them after the soaking.”

Among those now nominated to take part in the challenge are West Kirby FC, Vanilla Lounge, Hickory’s, The Portrait House and BodyCore.

MND is a rapidly progressive and fatal disease, which can affect any adult at any time and attacks the motor neurones that send messages from the brain to the muscles, leaving people unable to walk, talk or feed themselves.

The cause of the disease is unknown and there is no known cure.

Around 5,000 people in the UK have MND at any one time, with half of people with the disease dying within 14 months of diagnosis.

It kills five people every day in the UK.

While some have questioned how much the Ice Bucket Challenge can help those suffering from MND, it is hard to deny its success in raising awareness of the disease.

Steph said: “We think this is a great way to raise money for charity, raise awareness for the ALS or Motor Neurone Disease Association as it is in the UK and also get a fun sense of community spirit going!

“We raise money for the Alzheimer’s society after our granddad suffered from the disease and Carer’s UK after Charlotte cared for my nan along with my mum for almost two years.

“We think raising money for another charity while having fun within the local community is brilliant.

“Maybe we’ll do a Frozen Yogurt Challenge next.”

Denise Davies, Head of Community Fundraising at the MND Association, said: “Without the amazing support of people like those at the Yog Bar, the MND Association simply would not be able to provide it’s vital support services and fund research to find a cure. Together we are making a real difference for people affected by this devastating disease.”