AS a resident of Oxton village I am obliged to declare an interest in my comments, which are intended as an expression of pride on behalf of the community.

There is a long and cherished tradition in the village of contributing to civic obligations. The “Secret Gardens of Oxton” is a well-established highlight in the Wirral calendar of annual events.

Each year Christmas is celebrated with families gathering in the village centre to witness the switch on of the lights and enjoy traditional festivities.

A principal benefit from all these activities is the continuous regeneration of the retail and commercial centre of the village.

Regrettably, a recent avalanche of misguided short-sighted self-interest, combined with civic leadership impotent in the face of statutory legislation, threatens to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

The existing balance is in peril due to a recent series of approvals and a current proliferation of applications for extensions of hours to premises’ alcohol licenses.

Despite representations from residents and elected representatives to the licensing authority, the village now contains a variety of ten licensed premises, some of which are now applying to remain open until 1.30am with the provision of entertainment until midnight.

It will be unfortunate if the position of Oxton as a tranquil, welcoming venue falls victim to private greed.

But the community, unlike the transient business sector which may come to regret its conduct, will remain to rebuild and restore an admirable reputation.

A Lennon by email.