WHILE in Birkenhead Park my husband and I witnessed what looked like a Staffordshire bull terrier attack a little dog and was ripping it to bits; it was awful, really upsetting.

We saw the bigger dog go for the little one, and the owners of both were trying for about ten minutes to prize apart the Staff’s jaws off the little dog, horrendous.

Two community officers came over, but didn’t seem to take any details from either owner, which I thought was strange, and let the owner of the attacking dog just leave without any action.

We were only discussing ten minutes earlier before the incident that dogs seemed to be taking over the park, and about how many people let their dogs run wild off a lead to use the park as a toilet.

It's very worrying to think there’s so many little children running around with these nasty, unpredictable dogs on the loose.

Why do so many people in Birkenhead own these bull terrier cross breeds?

There seems to be report after report of attacks from them every other day in our local newspaper.

Collette by email.