A THEATRE group is to re-stage its production of BBC wartime comedy Dad's Army to help a Wirral mum raise funds to find a cure for her little boy's illness.

Proceeds from Greasby Players' show, at Mosslands School in Wallasey, from September 4-6, will go to the Save William charity.

It was set up by Kelly Magee, from Prenton, whose son William was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle-wasting disease, in 2011. It is a progressive, aggressive condition which is most common in boys.

Kelly has raised £20,000 for her charity, which helps fund research into the condition.

Symptoms usually begin in the legs and pelvis before the disease slowly takes away all use of the body's muscle, leading to eventual death.

Looking forward to the special performance, Kelly told the Globe: "Three years ago just before William turned two we were told the devastating news that he had Duchenne.

“My first reaction was to do all I can to raise awareness and fund research for a cure. I have done events back to back for the last three years raising approximately £20,000 for research.

"William is showing signs of the condition, so I've taken a step back from fundraising in order to help him.

“William has just turned five and only recently I realised that all the time I've been fighting to save him I have missed out on the very precious time I have with him.

“I was struggling with the guilt of no longer fundraising when I was approached by Susan O'Neil from the Greasby Players, offering to hold a production of Dad's Army to raise funds for Save William.

"I am so overwhelmed and grateful with their generous offer and very much look forward to seeing the show.

"With this support for William I have been able to enjoy spending the summer with him and his sister without spending all my time organising events or even ending up in hospital with exhaustion.

"This production has helped me get my family back."

The Greasby Players first took the production to the stage earlier. Looking forward to the charity performances, producer, Susan O’Neil, said: “We are very pleased to repeat our performances of Dad’s Army on behalf of young William.

“He’s a lovely little boy and we, along with our friends The Concourse Singers, are privileged to be able to ‘do our bit’ to raise funds for research into Duchenne’s Disease."

Tickets are from Pets Paradise in Seabank Road, Wallasey  or Sue at 207 Greasby Road, Greasby or 677 9187.