THE tail end of Hurricane Bertha may have had some impact in Wirral, but it was our dramatic skies on Friday afternoon that created a ‘storm’ on social media.

This stunning photo was taken in Wallasey, looking over towards the North Wirral shoreline, by amateur photographer Gordon Parsons.

The image quickly went viral across social media, with many claiming it was taken in neighbouring Hoylake.

Gordon, from Spital, was playing on Wallasey Golf Course when he spotted the strange formation in the sky.

“We could hear thunder and lightning in the distance and it suddenly went very windy,” he told the Globe. “It was about 4.10pm and after taking the picture, we headed back into the clubhouse thinking we were going to get soaked, but within five or 10 minutes, it had all dispersed.

“It was spectacular to see – I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

“A lot of people thought it was part of Hurricane Bertha, but it was taken before she arrived.”

The picture was also featured on UK Weather Outlook’s Facebook page, who said that it showed traits of a ‘microburst’ formation, which is when air suddenly sinks and causes horizontal winds from air to ground.

They added: “These can be extremely hazardous to aircrafts and also to objects or people directly below it, but there were no reports of any damage, possibly because of its position over the sea.”

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Reader Jim, Bennett captured this picture over the coast at Moreton near Leasowe Lighthouse.

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The image below was captured by Ryan Barker

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