TODAY for International Cat Day we've got 7 cats, pairs and trios who need homes. Is yours a feline-friendly home that could welcome a homeless cat? 

Would a kitten make your puurrfect life complete?

All the cats are currently being cared for by the South Wirral branch of the Cats Protection League.

To find out how to adopt one of these adorable kitties, call 0151 355 9813 or click here.

1. Shandy...

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Shandy arrived at the Cats Protection League in South Wirral with five kittens after being found living in a builder's yard. She had managed to feed her kittens with a bit of help from the kind staff who naturally became quite attached to the felines. Shandy is approximately 12 months old and is a friendly cat who deserves some comfort in a nice quiet home. She will be neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated before being re-homed.

2. Shandy's kittens..

These bundles of joy have never been handled so are a bit on the timid side. They are currently with a fosterer for socialising but are searching for a more permanent home. Quiet homes without young chilldren are need for Shandy's kittens as they will be shy to begin with, but once they get to know you will be loving and loyal pets.

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3. Carly...

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Carly arrived at the Cats Protection as a pregnant stray. Her kittens are nearly ready to go to their new homes and it would be puurfect if their friendly mum had a home waiting for her too. Carly is about 12 months old and loves company. She would be suitable for most homes and will be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before being re-homed.

4. Tabitha and Tibby...

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This adorable duo are looking to find their forever home. Mum Tabitha is around 12 months old and is very friendly. Her kitten, gorgeous Tibby, is a little on the shy side and is very attached to mum. The pair would love to be homed together. Tabitha has been neutered.

5. Kanga and Roo...

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Kanga arrived at the South Wirral branch with four kittens after giving birth under a container. She was friendly but had never been handled. She became very attached to her ginger kitten Roo so they were moved to one fosterer while the other three kittens - Tina, William and Bryn - to another for socialising. The kittens are about 15 weeks old. Mum and kittens are neutered and microchipped and have started their vaccination course.

6. Tina, William and Bryn...

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Tina, William and Bryn are Kanga's three other kittens. They are quite shy and are looking for a forever home without children or other pets. Initially they will be timid but once they get to know you they will make very loving and loyal companions.

7. Smudge...

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Four-year-old smudge has been living as a stray for sometime but is a lovely, gentle-natured boy who deserves to have a home where he can have lots of affection. He dreams of curling up in a fireside chair and lazing in his own garden after such a long time of fending for himself. Smudge is a little timid with strangers but once he gets to know you he will make a very loving companion. He needs a home without other pets or children.

8. Timmy...

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Timmy is a handsome cat with a nice personality. The eight-year-old is in desperate need of a home where he can have a garden to call his own to explore at his leisure. He has never been outdoors since he was adopted as a kitten and his current owner lives on the fifth floor of a block of flats. He has taken the decision that Timmy needs a home where he can go outside as he spends a lot of time on the windowsill looking out over the rooftops.

9. Mojo...

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Meet Mojo, a pretty seven-year-old Tortoisehell with lovely soft fur. She needs a new home without children and pets as she likes a quiet place to lie. Mojo is a nervous cat who enjoys being around adults. She will lie on your lap for hours once she feels for secure. She also likes sunbathing, comfy beds and playing with kitty balls. Although Mojo already has a loving home, her owner's toddler is becoming more mobile and noisy and want Mojo to have a quiet, more relaxing home.

10. Bella...

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This huntress is looking for a new home with a garden to stalk her prey. Bella is approximately six-years-old and needs a home without young children. She is quite a noisy cat and likes a fuss - but on her terms. She is neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated.

11. Blacknose...

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This little boy was left behind when his owner moved on. He is being cared for by a neighbour but unfortunately her cat only tolerates him in very small doses and has now started behaving aggressive towards him. So he needs a new family. Blacknose enjoys being outdoors so would need to live in a relatively quiet area in a home with a safe private garden. When he is indoors he just wants to sit in your lap. He is very affectionate and responds to any human kindness, he just wants to be loved and fed.

12. Tess...

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Tess is an affection, pretty and gentle cat who was adopted by her current owner just over two years ago, shortly before the birth of her third child. Tess has never been allowed upstairs as her owner#'s son was slightly allergic to cats and she needed to be kept out of his bedroom. His allergies seemed to have worsened and the owner's youngest son is rather rough with Tess. She is no longer allowed in the house at all and needs a new home where she can have the life she deserves.

13. Tikka...

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Tikka is a timid but very loving cat who loves strokes and cuddles. She is used to children, and she is patient with young rumbustious kids.. She has lived with and got on with a dog. Tikka is 10 years old. Her vaccinations are up to date and she is neutered but needs a new loving home as her owner's newborn is allergic to her. 

14. Ruby and Fudge...

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Ruby and Fudge are lively and affectionate cats who may be initially timid. They could be homed separately or together. They are two-years-old, spayed and vaccinated, and will be microchipped free of charge.

Contact the South Wirral branch of the Cats Protection League to find out more about this furry companions.