INCENSED residents will march through Birkenhead on Monday in a protest over the so-called “bedroom tax”.

Waving banners and placards, members of Wirral Campaign Against the Bedroom Tax will assemble at Exmouth Street, behind the Lauries Centre, at 11.45am before marching through the centre of Birkenhead, and around Hamilton Square.

They will finish at the Conway Street One-Stop Shop where they will hand in mass letters of appeal against the bedroom tax.

Campaigner Robert Claridge, from Port Sunlight, said: “We have won further appeals, and across Merseyside we are winning 90% of appeals for tenants we and our Reclaim colleagues represent.

“Wirral Council is no longer appealing against cases we win so it is important that we continue appealing, and it is vital that you get your friends, neighbours and family members paying the bedroom tax to join in, whether they are paying the bedroom tax or not.”

On Wednesday, Prime Minister David Cameron visited the Globe’s office in Birkenhead, where he was asked by senior reporter Emma Rigby if he felt the under-occupancy subsidy system was working as efficiently and as fairly as he had expected.

“The point about the spare room subsidy is that it’s a basic issue of fairness,” said Mr Cameron.

“If you live in private sector rented accommodation, but you’re on housing benefit, you don’t get a subsidy for a spare room whereas if you’re in council accommodation you do and that’s why it’s right to make this change.

“In terms of what’s happening here in Wirral, firstly, there are discretionary housing payments made available by the Government of almost £1m, they are there to help hard cases.”

Mr Cameron added: “It is worth remembering that there are still in Wirral over 8,000 people on a housing waiting list who’d love to have a council house.

“The whole point about this change is to try to make sure that we use the housing assets we have available most efficiently for families who need housing.”

Those who are unable to make the march on Monday but wish to show their support can meet campaigners at the One-Stop Shop on Conway Street at 1pm.