THE use of animals in circuses is a highly emotive issue, that has caused protests in the area.

But what do you think about it? The Globe went out into Birkenhead Town Centre to hear your views.

Mae Gladwell, 73, a retired care assistant from Southport said: “I am not in favour of the use of animals and I would never go to the circus”

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ABOVE: Mae Gladwell

When told about their licence with the Secretary of State for the environment, she added: "I don't agree with that because we wouldn’t want to be treated how the animals are."

Jenny Bagley, a mother of three from Upton, said: "It is inhumane, we were going to get tickets for the show but when we found out they were using animals we didn’t want to go anymore."

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ABOVE: Jenny Bagley

Jeff Davies, 53, a car worker from Prenton said: "I am totally against it, it's exploitation of the animals and they shouldn’t be used for entertainment.

"I went when I was younger but I don’t agree with it now."

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ABOVE: Jeff Davies

Martha Williams, a mother from Wales said: "The animals are caged and it is not right, I went when I was younger but people didn’t know what it was like”

She added: "They don't get any exercise."

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ABOVE: Martha Williams

Jonny Yates, 21, a student from Bromborough said: "I don't agree with it. I didn’t realise it was legal to still use them in circuses in this country."

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ABOVE: Jonny Yates

Celia McMahon, 70, from Wallasey said: “Animals have always been used in the circus they were using birds at one in Spain."

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ABOVE: Celia McMahon

She added: "I don't agree with it, they are mistreated and it is cruel, they should be out in the wild."