Wirral West MP Esther McVey said it it is "fantastic" the borough has a voice in Cabinet following her promotion yesterday.

Prime Minister David Cameron replaced a succession of older male ministers with up-and-coming Tory women in an attempt to make his top team more representative.

Employment Minister Esther's dress sense proved to be a tabloid star turn with several newspapers describing her as “Queen of the Downing Street catwalk.”

Speaking after her promotion to now attend Cabinet, Ms McVey laughed-off the coverage her appearance had generated.

Interviewed on Sky News, she said: “it’s fine if it inspires women to get into politics.”

Later, she told the Globe: "It's fantastic that Wirral and Merseyside have got a voice at the Cabinet table which is at the heart of decision making for Government.

“I'm delighted to be doing the vitally important job of Minister for Employment, which is focused on getting people into work."

Leading the female advance on Downing Street was Liz Truss, who entered Cabinet as Environment Secretary at the age of 38, making her the youngest female Cabinet minister of all time.

The mother-of-two, increasingly tipped as a potential future Tory leader, replaced Owen Paterson.

Another meteoric promotion was given to Nicky Morgan, promoted from No 3 at the Treasury to replace Michael Gove as Education Secretary.

The Prime Minister declared his new team “reflected modern Britain”, but faced a backlash from some of the Tory old guard who accused him of culling middle-aged male ministers regardless of their merits.

The number of Tory women attending Cabinet rose to eight out of 27, still short of Mr Cameron’s target of a third of his ministers being female.

Labour’s shadow women and equalities minister Gloria De Piero said: “The Tories have spent the last few days briefing that this would be the reshuffle which fixed David Cameron’s ‘women problem’ but it’s turning into a damp squib.

“It’s clear the Tories still won’t match the 44% of Labour’s shadow cabinet under Ed Miliband.”

Video courtesy of PA Newswire.