New Brighton’s litter-busting squad have been joined by the motley crew of the good ship Black Pearl to launch an intensive drive to rid the resort of rubbish and grime.

Dog owners will be targeted in a special campaign involving Wirral Council’s dog fouling team and police community support officers. Fixed penalty notices will be issued to dog owners who fail to clear up their pets’ mess.

And the New Brighteners (litter squad) will be helping the local authority to press home the message that bagged dog waste can be disposed of in any bin, not just specially designated ones.

The volunteer squad are out picking litter at the resort on a year-round basis, but summer is their busiest period.

Dave Peddie, organiser of the New Brighteners, said: “When we were asked to work with the council to help come up with ideas for a range of posters and publicity we were delighted. We spend all year out and about on the beaches so we are well placed to know the type of litter and rubbish that really poses a problem.

“Among our pet hates are polystyrene food and drink containers, dog waste, nets that hold plastic toys and the plastic toys themselves that we find discarded on the beach; plastic bottles and bags, drink cans and fishing tackle that people leave behind.

“They are a real menace to marine life and we are delighted to see the council take a proactive stance on encouraging people to take their litter home or dispose of it in a bin.”

The council has provided a new double bin at the pirate ship Black Pearl to accommodate increased visitors to the artwork on the beach near the Tower Grounds

There are also new measures to ensure that all cafes with outdoor seating clean up food waste on pavements.

Cllr Rob Gregson, chairman of the Wallasey Constituency Committee said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with the New Brighteners and the Black Pearl. It demonstrates the strength of positive local feeling to New Brighton and our commitment to the resort.”