A WIRRAL motorcyclist is hoping to track down a kind-hearted stranger who helped her after she crashed in Prenton.

Mother-of-two Gemma, who did not wish to give her surname, contacted the Globe on Wednesday afternoon in the hope of finding the woman whos he believes to be called Elaine.

The 26-year-old had been on her way to buy wallpaper for her living room on Tuesday morning when her Yamaha Majesty motorcycle skidded on debris left on the road following an earlier collision.

Police had been called to the junction of Prenton Lane and St Stephen’s Road at 8.15am on Tuesday after the two car collision.

Gemma, who has only had her motorcycle licence for a month, had slowed down after seeing the accident up ahead when she skidded and lost control.

“I remember hitting the concrete and just skidding along- I still had hold of the bike," said Gemma.

“It was terrifying. I was really lucky and only came away with internal bruising. It’s head to toe but it’s better than being dead.

“I’m the mum of two kids and it’s a what if, what if I came off the bike and had ended up under someone else’s car?”

After hitting the road surface, Gemma had tried to get up but was unable to as her bike was trapping her leg.

“There were some workmen nearby and they lifted the bike off me and put it to one side, they got a blanket out of their van and covered me up with it because it was raining.

“There was a mature lady with blonde curly hair, I think her name was Elaine Dodd, and she stayed with me, she talked to me and kept me cool and calm and told me the ambulance was on its way.

“She was kind-hearted and friendly, I’m eternally grateful to her and I just want to say a massive thank you but she seems to have disappeared, I can’t find her anywhere. I don’t know if she was from one of the cars in the earlier accident or if she was a pedestrian.”

Gemma was taken to Arrowe Park Hospital where she spent four hours undergoing numerous tests including X-Rays and CT scans.

“I had a pain in the top of my spine and they thought I was paralysed at first. Now I just have pain in my ribs and chest every time I breathe but I’ve been very lucky.

“One of my friend’s dads was in a bike accident a couple of weeks ago and he’s lost his arm so I’m extremely lucky.

“I just remember the lady telling me to lay down, stay down and that the ambulance was being called – I’m eternally grateful to her.”

Gemma’s bike – which only suffered minor damage – is now sitting on her drive in Prenton.

  • Are you the kind-hearted woman who helped Gemma? Or do you know who she is? Call Emma Rigby at the Globe on 0151 649 4018 or email emma.rigby@nqnw.co.uk