THE criminal and anti-social use of scrambler bikes across Wirral is being targeted by police as part of a summer campaign.

Operation Brookdale is part of a Merseyside-wide scheme focusing on communities that been affected by illegal use of the vehicles.

It is the third time this operation has been run. Particular attention will be paid to roads, parks and any land to which the public have access and identified by communities as hotspots for riders involved in the illegal, or anti-social use of scramblers.

During the operation there will be high visibility patrols, including police on scramblers and quad bikes, on roads, parkland and other public spaces.

There are concerns that young people using these bikes illegally are able to get petrol to use the bike, and petrol station owners are being asked to support the campaign by not allowing anyone under 16 to buy fuel.

Superintendent David Charnock, said: "Sometimes the riders of these bikes don't understand the consequences for local communities and the harm that the use of these bikes can cause.

"In the wrong hands these bikes are potentially lethal and people need to understand the legislation in relation to the legal use of these bikes, and the potential consequences of driving these bikes irresponsibly.

"Our communities should be reassured that police are working hard to take nuisance vehicles and the criminals who use them off our roads.

"Anyone who takes to the roads illegally and poses a danger to pedestrians and other motorists on our roads, risks losing their licence and if their reckless driving results in injury or death they will face a prison sentence.

"My message to these people is ask yourself - is it worth the risk?”