GREEN-fingered schoolchildren have planted poppies and other wildflowers to mark the centenary of World War One.

The youngsters from Woodchurch High School sowed the seeds as part of a project aimed at remembering those who lost their lives in the war while growing students’ interest in gardening.

Year Eight pupils were tasked with designing the World War One themed garden at the school – set in the heart of the Woodchurch estate – with 13-year-old Craig James coming up with the winning design.

Teaching assistant Sue Goddard – the brains behind the concept – said: “I came up with the idea of the garden after visiting Tatton Hall flower show last year. We had just started a gardening club and I thought it would be great if we could get our pupils interested in gardening.

“One idea was our Year eight pupils could design a commemorative garden with the theme of World War One which would also link the Year Eight’s history curriculum during the centenary of the war.”

After choosing the winning design, Sue recruited a host of volunteers which included members of the local community, staff, pupils and parents to carry out the garden’s construction.

With funding from Wirral Life Long and Family Learning Centre and help from the school’s visiting horticulturist, Carol Seery, work on the garden began in March.

“The volunteers met regularly on alternate Saturdays preparing the ground – weather permitting – taking up turf, pushing wheelbarrows full of soil back and forth and planting up the bedding plants.”

Staff and students from other curriculum areas in the school also helped, with the garden finally completed on June 28 – Armed Forces Day.

Wirral Globe:
The garden was designed by 13-year-old Craig James.

As well as being a day to show support and recognise the sacrifices and efforts of the Armed Forces and their families, June 28 also marked Woodchurch’s open day, which featured a special visit from the Birkenhead branch of The Royal British Legion.

Woodchurch will continue its commemoration of 100 years since the start of World War One with a Year Eight remembrance assembly on July 15.

There are also plans for a poppy picnic with local primary schoolchildren who also run gardening clubs.

The school is also hoping to plant 100 poppies around the garden in time for Armistice Day.