NEW Brighton could become the first place in Wirral to have a “dog free beach”. Wirral Council is currently weighing up whether dogs should be banned from the beach in a bid to keep the sands clean.

A report to the Wallasey constituency committee, which met on Thursday, sought funding for signs and consultation on the proposal, which has been put forward to “help deal with irresponsible dog ownership and provide a more comfortable space for families to enjoy”.

If approved, pooches could be banned during summer months but the report said it is “not to demonise dogs or dog owners”.

The report said: “Consideration will need to be given to the timescales involved to consult upon any proposed introduction of a Dog Control Order and the forthcoming replacement of this order within the Anti Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

“If designated, New Brighton would have the first ‘Dog Free Beach’ in Wirral.”

It is understood that no decision will be made until consultation has taken place with all those concerned.

The dog ban is part of a wider plan to respond to issues at Marine Point and the surrounding area as a result of increased visitors and tourism.

It also hopes that bag dispensers will be issued to beach users to collect their rubbish while shops will be encouraged to use compostable food packaging products to reduce waste.

Plaques highlighting areas where fixed penalty notices can be issued would also be installed.

While the report sought permission to carry out a consultation on a Dog Control Order, a spokesman for Wirral Council said the committee “does not have the power” to do so.

The spokesman said: “Applications to designate dog free areas are required to go through due process and public consultation in line with the requirements of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

“The constituency committee does not have the power to approve such applications however the report does ask the committee to consider providing funding for consultation and signage if such a designation was granted by the council.”