A WIRRAL pooch has made the leap from rescue dog to hero hound after giving blood to save the life of a four legged friend in need.

Brave labrador Judy, who was adopted from Dogs Trust Merseyside in May this year, was settling into her new life in Heswall when an unscheduled trip to vets quickly turned into a lifesaving mission.

During the first week in her new home, seven-year-old Judy accompanied her owner Gaynor Brundell on a trip to take her friend’s poorly pooch Pebbles to the local vets.

Nine-year-old Pebbles’ condition had been deteriorating all week and on her final visit, she was diagnosed with non-regenerative immune medicated haemolytic anaemia, meaning she needed an emergency blood transfusion.

With no blood reserves in stock at the vets and the nearest supply nearly 100 miles away, Judy stepped up to the task.

Blood was carefully taken from Judy to give Pebbles the lifesaving treatment she needed.

She has since made an almost full recovery and her owner believes it was fate that led Judy to wag to the rescue and save the life of her new doggy best friend.

Judy’s owner Gaynor said: “I feel so lucky to have adopted Judy when I did. If it wasn’t for her, poor Pebbles might not be with us now.

“It was definitely a case of right place, right time and we couldn’t be happier that Judy was with us to save the day.

“We are so thankful that she came into our lives when she did and we are very much looking forward to continuing a very happy life together.”

Aimee Best, supporter relations officer at Dogs Trust Merseyside added: “Judy didn’t have the best start in life so it’s amazing to see that she has become the hero of the hour with her bravery.

“She is such a star and we hope she is enjoying lots of fuss and treats from her proud new owners.

“We are so in awe of Judy’s efforts and think she definitely deserves the title of Super Dog.”

If you would like to give a dog like Judy a home, please contact Dogs Trust Merseyside on 0151 480 0660.