Electioneering is well under way as councillors and candidates want our votes on May 22.

One bemused resident in Meols received a letter from Eddie Boult, Conservative candidate for the area, sending her a personal note to thank her for “the warm reception he had received when canvassing in the ward.”

But she has never met this Boult from the Blue.

And she is certainly not of his political persuasion.

So that was rather strange, wasn't it?

I also read a missive from a local Labour candidate with the slogan “Putting Wirral before Westminster.”

Surely “Working with Westminster” would be the best motto?

Granted, issues such as fracking and dealing with dog-fouling are admirable causes.

And yet there are bigger and more immediate problems: I would like all our politicians to look at the state of the Jobcentre Plus system.

Now that jobseekers have to sign on every weekday, it is unfair that they have to pay their own travelling expenses out of their meagre allowance.

This system should be fairer for those who simply cannot afford a hefty outlay in fares.

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While Liverpool and Everton look forward to European football in one form or another, it was extremely sad to see footballing neighbours Tranmere Rovers relegated on Saturday.

They have faced tremendous problems on and off the field this year, and their exit from League One left players and fans alike devastated.

It was good to see their loyal supporters consoling the tearful players on the pitch.

With so much emotion, fight and dignity displayed, they deserve to go straight back up.

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Where has the time gone?

It was 30 years ago this month that saw a two-day ground-breaking TV show called “New Brighton Rocks” - specially filmed by Granada at the resort’s open air swimming pool.

Headliners Frankie Goes to Hollywood say the 1984 festival was one of the many highlights of their career.

They appeared with Madness, Gloria Gaynor and Spandau Ballet.

Brian “Nasher” Nash of the band says it was a fantastic gig for for him and the rest of the group who enjoyed three number one hit singles in the 80s.

Nasher - a headline performer at our Wirral Golden Globe Awards - says it was “Frankiemania.”

The band, who had travelled the world, relished going back home: “It was like a Frankie homecoming gig for us,” Nasher told the Inferno.

“We had spent a lot of time down in London and were feeling homesick.

“I remember it being the first time we experienced teenagers screaming at us.

“During the soundcheck we were walking along the roof – out of sight- and then popping our heads over the top at various points and being greeted by hundreds of screamers - like scenes from early Beatles footage.

“A great memory of Wirral for all of us.”

Isn’t it time we had another New Brighton Rocks?

It would a great showpiece for our revitalised resort.

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This a rum do…sales of the book Jamaica Inn are on the increase, thanks to the telly drama - but I suspect it’s only to find out what the characters are actually saying.

I found the series’ equally bad lighting kept me in the dark.

But the mumbling dialogue was unforgivable.

They should provide subtitles.

Which reminds me of a tale relayed to me by Craig Charles on a trip to New York.

He entered a bar where his show Red Dwarf was on the television - and was taken aback to see his character was given subtitles because native New Yorkers couldn’t understand his Scouse accent.

*** *** ***

And finally...I recall the late, great Screaming Lord Sutch when he was standing for the Monster Raving Looney Party and I asked him for an interview.

Yes, the crazy pop star replied, as long as I paid him in tomatoes.

He was politically incorrect and mad as a hatter, but he made general elections fun.

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