A CAR made famous by superspy James Bond is one of three vehicles to be auctioned on ebay after they were seized during a police operation.

The silver Aston Martin Virage is being sold along with a BMW 120l SE and a slightly less glamorous blue Vauxhall Vectra.

The vehicles were seized as part of an investigation by officers from the anti-organised crime unit Titan.

It is the first time that Titan has sold a sports car under the new initiative.

The cars are being auctioned on ebay with starting prices of £79,000 for the Aston, £13,765 for the BMW and the Vectra at £3,350. 

They will be listed on eBay from 3pm, with the auction ending on Monday, May 12. To see them, visit stores.ebay.co.uk/titan-rocu

Detective Superintendent Jason Hudson said: "Although we have already been selling jewellery and other items from our cases this is the first time we have been able to sell vehicles.

"We currently have over 25 vehicles that have been seized as part of ongoing Titan investigations that we hope to sell over the next 12 months. There will be a range of vehicles to suit all budgets.

"We are using existing legislation to seize assets but instead of a traditional auction where there are costs and fees involved and you only reach a small market, we are increasingly using our eBay shop on the Titan website to reach a far wider set of buyers.

"The Aston Martin is a particularly nice car and obviously comes with the prestige of being the car of choice for a certain Mr James Bond!

"I'm sure plenty of people will be keen to view it via our website and be tempted to put a bid in.

"The BMW and Vectra are also good cars of course and I'm pleased and also relieved that our seller rating is high and that previous customers have had a good experience!"