A GROUP of Wirral women are encouraging people to get their skates on and roll up to the roller derby revolution.

Riverside Rebels, who train at Ridgeway High School and New Ferry Village Hall are appealing for budding skaters to join their ranks and get involved with the fast-paced game and join their community.

Roller derby, played on traditional quad skates, was invested in America in the 1930s but died out in the ‘70s due to a lack of public interest.

But now, the high-speed sport is back and with more than 100 leagues having started since 2006, it is one of the UK’s fastest growing sports.

When Riverside Rebels was formed by Sam “Feral Child” and Chip “Electron Charge” Chatwin in July 2012, they thought they would be skating around a large hall on their own for weeks but within an hour, they had recruited more than handful of team members who were eager to be part of the “magic”.

As the weeks passed, the Rebel alliance grew and continued to welcome skaters of all abilities into their fold.

Now the team has 40 rebels in its “pack” and had their first open bout on April 19, beating York Minxters 218 to 157.

The victory takes the newest Wirral-based roller derby team to 237th in the European rankings.

“The team ethos has always been to support, nurture and develop each individual’s progression and we ensure we do it with smiles on our faces,” said co-founder “Feral Child”.

Wirral Globe:
Riverside Rebels during their bout with York Minxsters. Photo by Mike Hughes.

“We will be having a new intake in June and are looking forward to recruiting a new bunch of rebels.

“If you want to get fit, feel like you belong to an amazing community of women and want to gain confidence in yourself then join roller derby.”

Wirral Globe: Riverside now has 40 rebels in its pack.

New members don’t have to have skating experience, but need to show dedication and commitment.

Sam added: “We have had people who cannot stand up in skates to people who are naturally gifted.

“Either way, you will become part of the magic.”

Training sessions take place at Ridgeway High School on Wednesday evenings and New Ferry Village Hall on Saturday afternoons.

For more information on joining or supporting the team, search Riverside Rebels Roller Derby on Facebook, or click here.