THREE Wirral students have shaved their hair for charity – and have even encouraged their teacher to follow suit.

Oldershaw Academy pupils Denver Pote and Amber McGarry, both aged 12, and 11-year-old Tyla-beu Tomlinson all said farewell to their full heads of hair on Friday to raise money for a charity close to their hearts.

After agreeing they wanted to do their bit for charity, the children set to deciding on what worthwhile cause would benefit from their efforts, with Cancer Research UK coming out on top.

“The kids said that any money raised, however little, would help make a difference,” said Denver’s mum Janet.

“They also said that they have a choice if and when they want their hair cut and what style they would like it, whereas people suffering cancer have no choice.”

The fundraiser was especially poignant for Denver - who celebrated his 12th birthday on the day of the head shave - as his granddad died from cancer last month.

“Denver is doing this in memory of him,” added Janet.

The brave pupils were joined by Oldershaw Academy’s Head of Year 11, Graham Collins, who too said goodbye to his shoulder length hair in front of a hall full of children.

Janet added: “The school have been very supportive of the kids’ decision to do this.

“The academy has always been supportive of fundraising that their students wish to participate in.”

Sponsorship collected will now be sent to Cancer Research UK.