Students at a Wirral school have been recognised as “Eco Warriors” after spearheading a programme of energy saving and environmental protection.

The efforts of Tabitha Fenton, Rachel Steen, Emily McCourt and Meagan Bell helped Weatherhead High School in Wallasey to secure a Green Eco-Schools Flag – an international award - which they hoisted this week with the help of Wirral Council environment chief Cllr Brian Kenny.

Cllr Kenny said: “I am always bowled over by the enthusiasm and energy that Wirral’s young people have for green issues.

“The award of the Eco Schools flag demonstrates that pupils and staff are putting that commitment to saving energy and protecting the environment, into action on a day-to-day basis at their school.”

Part of the environmental programme at the school involved a “switch-off” fortnight to raise awareness among staff and students of the importance of energy efficiency.

School wellbeing co-ordinator Becky Jones led the project.

She said: “Weatherhead supports the Eco-Schools programme which serves to bring about behaviour changes in young people so that good habits learned in schools are following through into homes and communities.

“It will also benefit everyone by demonstrating the importance of addressing environmental issues in schools to reduce waste and save money which can then be reinvested elsewhere.”