CLAIRE House staff took delivery of Easter Eggs collected by bikers who took part in this year's charity egg run.

The annual fundraising event had been scrapped last year, because of a lack of funding. But that did not stop more than 3,500 saddling up and riding out on Sunday.

The event was described on the organisers' website as 'a tribute ride-out in honour of the Wirral egg run and the fantastic people who made it happen every year.'

Bikers set off from the dips at New Brighton, ending their journey at Claremont farm in Old Clatterbridge Road, not far from Claire House.

Early estimations are that it has raised more than £3,000, which will be split between Claire House, Northwest Air Ambulance and Northwest Blood bikes (Merseyside).

Eugene Morris, better known to his motorbiking friends as 'Badger', has taken part in the event for the last 15 years.

He told the Globe: "I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who took part and everyone who supported this year's event.

"Thanks to them, we have probably raised in the region of about £2,500 for the charities, if not more, plus about 600 eggs.

"If you add that up, about £1 an egg, so that's a few hundred quid more.

"There's a nucleus of about 50 of us who got together to organise this year's event. Apart from paying out for some portable toilets, it didn't cost us a penny.

"We were supported by a Liverpool-based benefactor, who asked to remain anonymous."

Looking to the future, he added: "We hope to keep on doing it for the next 15 years and more, even if we have to do it on our zimmer frames.

"Big thanks to Tony Grey and Steve Kelly, the main men behind Sunday's run. They have put so much into organising this and ensuring everything went smoothly."

Birkenhead-born biker Terry Gill took part in the run dressed as comedian Roy 'Chubby' Brown.

He said "This is my first time on the egg run. It was fantastic. Kiddies, young and old were waving and everyone was supporting."

John 'Hippy Bones' Jones said: "There were probably twice as many people on the sides the road as on bikes.

"The support from the public was fantastic and we couldn't ask for more.

"We're hopeful that, next year, there’ll be more. There was a year’s worth of smiles in a day."

Natalie Allison, fundraising support assistant for Claire House said: "It was a huge day. They have done such an amazing job for us each and it gets better and better each time."

To support next year’s event, visit