THIS is a classic of American literature and theatre.

A real 20th century masterpiece.

And the Playhouse treat it with great respect in a production that will have you enthralled, thanks to a wonderful celebration of dialogue and direction.

It is claustrophobic in its setting, which works so well as a family are at war.

Arthur Miller's story, written in 1954, still resonates today.

Th American dream turning into an emotional nightmare.

Director Charlotte Gwinner has the audience transfixed on the complex characters of Brooklyn who stir up emotions from immigration issues to loyalty - family feuds and love caught up in the middle of angst-ridden personal dissections.

The 14-strong cast work as hard as the audience in reflecting every nuance in Miller's tale.

Lloyd Hutchinson as Eddie Carbone is one of the best actors I have seen gracing the Playhouse stage.

Shannon Tarbet's Catherine is also an integral figure in the storytelling and she shines in every scene.

Lloyd commands attention just like he does in his on stage family who see him question everything from morality to local society with such profound introspection.

It is Italy meets New York with a sense of passion, hostility and love.

The story is timeless. As the son of a docker, I could totally relate to the work ethic illustrated in the dilemmas facing the central figures.

New York and Merseyside have so much in common.

Designer Paul Mahoney ensures we never miss a line of thought-provoking issues from guilt to defiance.

Miller wrote about ordinary people with extraordinary motivations.

This faultless prduction makes you think - allowing you to make up your own mind about longshoreman Eddie's obsessions.

Who is right?

Who is wrong?

Who has the answers?

The tragedy of this anti-hero will be discussed again and again.

A class act - what else would you expect from the Playhouse?


A View From The Bridge is at the Liverpool Playhouse until April 19. Tickets are from 0151 709 4776