PLOTHOLDERS from a Wirral allotment are calling on the council to step up security after vandals raided the site.

Over the last year, sheds have been set on fire and tools stolen from Boundary Road allotment in Bidston.

On January 15, raiders struck again, breaking into and a shed was setting it on fire, but luckily no-one was injured.

Enough is enough for the allotment holders, who say a partially finished perimeter fence that had been put up three years ago, is to blame.

An adjoining sandstone wall runs along the boundary line between King George's Way bridle path, but this is only five feet high and has two wide gaps.

The tenants don’t consider this to be an adequate security measure and have sent a 34-name petition to the authority's parks and gardens department calling for additional fencing to be added to the wall.

Watch the video of Robert Mealor who feels the council is failing him and fellow allotment holders.

Among those concerned is Robert Mealor, 76, who told the Globe: "All we want is for the council to fulfil its obligation and complete the security fence.

"We feel that we've been abandoned by the authority.

"People work hard and put a lot of their time into the alotment. It's a good pastime.

"Our main concern is for our property. We are also worried that people may decide to leave the allotment altogether.

"The council may say it's all down to a lack of money to finish the job. But the money should be there from the rent we have paid to be on the site."

He continued: "One allotment holder is getting disillusioned and we feel this is all a consequence of lack of proper fencing."

Another concerned plotholder, who asked to remain anonymous, added: "The fence is inadequate. Over the past 12 months there have been two sheds burned down on the site.

"I'm worried that we’ll be left open to further damage unless the fence is completed."

A council spokesperson said: "We have received the petition and will be looking into the issues raised."