TWO Wirral mums affected by multiple sclerosis are inviting readers to enjoy a piece of cake in a charity event to raise awareness of the condition.

Kat Garner's parents live with MS Kirsty Brady has the condition herself.

The two women met at a new mums group a year ago as they had their babies five days apart.

The two friends organised a charity Cake Break last year, which raised thousands of pounds for the MS Society.

Their second will be held at St Luke's Church in Hoylake on Saturday, March 29, from 12pm-3pm.

On the day there will also be raffle, signed football shirt auction, games and craft stalls.

Kat's dad was diagnosed with MS in 1997 – she says he now struggles with fatigue and his walking.

Her mum found out she had the condition in 2009 and Kat, 28, says it was a massive shock: "It was difficult enough seeing one parent struggle so when Mum was diagnosed as well I was heartbroken.

"Mum's MS has been much more aggressive and her condition has worsened rapidly.

"They both have good days and bad but have learnt to manage as best as they can by relying on each other."

Kirsty, 29, has sensory and cognitive problems with her MS and sometimes has issues with her walking. She also has to deal with fatigue.

Kat says they’d love more people to organise their own Cake Break: "People should sign up for Cake Break because it is such a fun event to be involved in.

"It results in funds being raised for research to try and help beat this condition, which affects us every day.

"In a lot of cases MS cannot be seen by those around the person with the condition but it is definitely felt by the person suffering the daily challenges of having MS."

The MS Society is the leading national charity for people with multiple sclerosis. More than 100,000 people are living with multiple sclerosis in the UK. Most people are diagnosed in their 20s and 30s and the condition affects almost three times as many women as men.

The MS Society aims to raise more than £350,000 from a national Cake Break event on Friday, May 2.

To sign up visit