A Wirral primary school which has had at least a dozen extensions or classroom additions over the past four decades, has sparked a wave of opposition against its plans for a new sports hall.

A petition signed by more than 50 people has been lodged with Wirral planning authority against a proposal from Great Meols Primary School to build a sports hall and relocate store buildings.

The petition is augmented by 17 individual letters of objection from people living nearby.

The representations list 23 points of contention raised by the scheme.

They range from the appearance of the hall being out of character with surrounding homes and highway safety issues to the “obtrusive” height of the proposed building and loss of play area and established garden space.

Hoylake councillor John Hale has backed the petitioners.

He said: “The school has expanded to become one of the largest primary schools in Wirral, which has led to huge car parking problems.

“The height and design of the sports hall is out of character with the surrounding properties and the proposal is detrimental to neighbouring properties.”

The school has indicated the sports hall would be used after school hours as well as during the day and would also have the potential for community use.

Planners have recommended the scheme’s approval.

They claim the proposal is considered acceptable in scale and design and it not thought to harm the character of the original building nor the surrounding area.

The application will be studied by Wirral planning committee on Thursday.