A WIRRAL student has been banned from attending lessons with his fellow classmates after his school deemed his haircut “too extreme”.

Eighteen-year-old Patrick Beesley decided to get his hair cut on Tuesday in preparation of having his school year book photograph taken the following day.

The Bromborough student, who is due to sit his A-levels later this year, asked for usual style but when he arrived for school at St John Plessington Catholic College on Wednesday, he was told it was too short.

As well as banning him from entering the main school building – meaning he is unable to attend his lessons – Patrick has also been told he cannot eat his lunch in the canteen and was prevented from taking part in the year book photograph.

Mum Gabrielle Fisher told the Globe she was furious at the school’s decision, describing it as “ludicrous”.

She said it was “unacceptable” to prevent Patrick from attending lessons and afterschool A-level revision classes, at such a crucial time of his education.

“Patrick’s hair is cut in a popular style of the moment, very short at the sides and back and slightly longer on top, not what you would call extreme at all,” explained Mrs Fisher.

Sixth Form rules state that hair should be no shorter than a number two.

“When Patrick was challenged about his hair he was totally honest and said he had asked for a number two but when it was cut he didn’t think it was as short as it is normally was so he asked them to cut it a bit shorter,” said Mrs Fisher, who told the Globe Patrick was a good student and had never had any bad reports or parents evenings.

“The school’s response to all this is that by his own admission he broke the rules so he only has his self to blame for the repercussions.

“I just find it absolutely ridiculous that because his hair is probably less than a millimetre shorter than it should be he is banned from the main school building because he will set a bad example to the younger students, therefore banning him from his teachers, lessons and canteen to be able to eat his lunch.”

Patrick, who is studying English, music and ICT, has been told the restrictions will stay in place until the length of his hair is deemed to be acceptable, at which point he will be allowed to have year book photograph taken.

Mrs Fisher said: “It is absolutely ludicrous – it is affecting my son’s education.

“This just seems totally unacceptable to treat an 18-year-old adult in this way, to prevent his access to lessons and teachers at such a crucial time in his education just months before completion of courses and exams.”

Patrick’s parents are now issuing a formal complaint with the school, which Mrs Fisher said has been the firm choice for her family for years.

A spokesman for St John Plessington Catholic College said: “At SJP, our Sixth Formers, from the outset, are given very clear directions about the standards of uniform and appearance that expected.

“We are very proud of the high standards all our pupils set, including our Sixth Form who are great ambassadors for the college.”