A leading Liberal Democrat is pressing for Wirral Council to back a campaign to pull the plug on nuisance calls.

Councillor Stuart Kelly said: "Nuisance marketing calls and text messages are a growing problem.

"They are  causing inconvenience and distress, particularly to elderly and vulnerable people -  with silent calls in particular cause anxiety and fear of crime."

It is estimated that across the UK, many people receive more than 10 nuisance calls a month.

Almost half the calls received by older and vulnerable residents are nuisance calls because they are more likely to be at home on week days when three quarters of calls are made.

Cllr Kelly added: "The impact of nuisance calls can be devastating. For many it is just an annoyance but for the elderly and the vulnerable, it can be insidious and dangerous.

"I want the council to use all means at its disposal-  including social workers, home helps and everyone in contact with elderly and vulnerable people - to raise awareness of, for example, call blocking technology which can stop the vast majority of nuisance calls. This will help to reduce the problem many people repeatedly face."

A special motion from Cllr Stuart Kelly entitled No To Nuisance Calls, will be studied by the council on Monday.

It calls on the council to support the ‘No to Nuisance Calls’ campaign and to promote it via the trading standards service and publicity at libraries and other council buildings.

It also urges that an approach be made to local MPs encouraging them to support the Parliamentary Bill on unsolicited telephone calls and texts.