AN appeal has been launched for photographs of Wirral people who lived through the First World War for a shopping centre display.

The search for faces of brave men, women and children who experienced the Great War is all part of a six-week living museum hosted by Pyramids Shopping Centre in Birkenhead.

Wirral Through The Ages runs until Sunday March 30 and has been put together by the team from the social enterprise Big Heritage in partnership with Pyramids Shopping Centre.

Visitors to the pop-up museum can see an ancient runic stone which dates back to the 9th century and fascinating archaeological finds from a Bromborough community dig last summer.

Part of the displays will soon evolve to capture a little of what life was like for Wirral families enduring the horrors of the conflict from 1914-1918 including an actual recreation of a World War One trench.

In an effort to tell the First World War story through the eyes of Wirral folk a university student is asking Birkenhead shoppers to visit with old photographs of family members who had a connection to the Great War, along with a brief outline of their story.

The photographs will be copied on site and turned into a poppy shaped montage that will go on display at the Pyramids Shopping Centre museum.

Student, Dayna Dawson, 26, is studying for a Master's Degree in Archaeology and Heritage Practices at the University of Chester and says she is excited about the World War One project which she hopes will help local people understand some of the sacrifices made by Wirral families.

She said: "I have two weeks to get as many photographs as I can but need a minimum of 50, ideally I will be able to get 60 to 70.

"I'm getting some help from Birkenhead History Society and my old tutor from Liverpool University is helping too.

"Think of the war and naturally people think of soldiers. But there were lots of folk who did a massive amount for the war effort without ever leaving the Wirral.

"For example, I’m thinking of the women that went out to work doing manual jobs as their husbands, or dads, had gone off to fight in the trenches.

"It really is an exciting project and hopefully it will engage with children too."

For more information and to drop in your photograph visit Wirral Through The Ages at Pyramids Shopping Centre