Satellite navigation has been blamed for articulated lorries getting stuck in a Wirral town trying to negotiate a narrow humped-backed bridge followed by a sharp right turn.

After drivers have made deliveries in Wallasey Village the ‘sat nav’ system have directed HGV drivers to the quickest way back to the M56 - via Groveland Road and on to Bayswater Road.

The problems occur when drivers find that the sharpness of the bend and the narrowness of the road add up to a ‘no go’ situation, making it impossible to drive on or reverse.

Local Cllr Leah Fraser said local residents had been forced to assist drivers to inch their vehicles forward until the turn could be completed.

She said: “The logical solution would be for drivers to stay on the main road and head for the new roundabout at Harrison Drive before turning left to the motorway.

"But apparently they blame ‘sat nav’ directions for ending up in Groveland Road.”

Councillor Fraser said residents were concerned about the possible impact lorries using the road might have on their properties.

“The road was made one-way because it is narrow,” she said. “People have genuine concerns.”

At Cllr Fraser’s insistence, Wirral Council highways staff will place electronic tags in Groveland Road to monitor the situation.

She said: “These tags will indicate how fast lorries are travelling, how heavy they are and how long.

"Only when engineers have all this information and know exactly what is going on will they be able to devise a solution such as imposing a weight restriction on the road.”