A PENSIONER has been praised for the heroic actions that led to the evacuation of ten neighbours during a fire at flats in Prenton.

Firefighters were called to the building near Fairview Road, Prenton, at around 5.30am today.

The alarm was raised by Kate Williams who banged on the doors of neighbours, who in turn alerted other tenants in the block and safely left the building.

Mrs Williams are currently in Arrowe Park Hospital for precautionary check-ups following smoke inhalation.

Dot Thomas, a member of the residents' committee, told the Globe: "It was a really heroic thing to do."

It is understood Mrs Williams had returned from holiday in Australia on Monday night.

Steve Lane, who lives opposite Mrs Williams' home told the Globe: "We're so glad she did. If it wasn't for her we might not be here now."

Steve, who has lived in the flat for three years, continued: "Everyvbody helped eachother to get out of the flats, there was a real community spirit. I've never known anything like it."

Firefighters carried out a search of the building to check no-one was inside following the evacuation.

Watch manager Eddie Parry from Birkenhead fire station said: "The occupier of the flat where the fire started did the right thing and evacuated the property before we arrived.

"The occupier also closed the door to the flat, which contained the fire and prevented its spread."