RSPCA inspectors have launched an appeal for information after a badly abused dog was found dumped on the streets of Birkenhead yesterday.

The animal’s injuries were so severe a vet had to put her to sleep.

The dog, a mid- to late-aged bishon frise/poodle type, had been dumped in a box outside a shop on Hoylake Road.

RSPCA deputy chief inspector Anthony Joynes said: “She was collapsed, emaciated, dehydrated, both of her eyes were fused shut with scabs.

“Her paws were that tightly matted they were bleeding and infected, her coat was stained and matted with urine and faeces.

“She was put to sleep on humane grounds, the vet believes the suffering and neglect could be up to a year.”

He continued: “This poor dog was such a sorry sight, to see her being put to sleep was so sad but also a massive release to end her suffering.

“It troubles me to think about the life this poor dog has led and the environment she has had to endure.

“There is absolutely no reasonable excuse for the appalling condition of this dog.

“This dog was suffering on so many levels I would urge the public to contact me if they recognise her as I'm very keen to track down the cruel individuals responsible.”

Anyone with information is asked to call: 0300 123 8018