A LARGE protest is expected to take place today as the UK Independence Party take their “Scrap the Tolls” campaign on the road at the Wallasey Tunnel.

UKIP activists and campaigners will be holding a national day of action against roll tolling across the UK today, Monday, and plan to occupy strategic locations close to road tolls.

They will be displaying “Scrap the Tolls” banners and placards to show their support the removal of tolls and their sympathy with long-suffering motorists who they believe have been treated as “cash cows” by successive governments.

Merseytravel approved a hike in the Mersey Tunnel tolls last month, with prices set to go up by 10p to £1.70 for car users from April 1.

UKIP’s campaign was launched by leader Nigel Farage MEP in 2002 and this year’s protest is expected to be largest to date, with protestors and activists staged at the Kingsway Tunnel, Dartford Crossing, Severn Crossing, Tyne Tunnel, M6 Toll Road and the London Congestion Charge Zone.

Mr Farage said:  "Our opposition to road tolling is longstanding, and our campaign gets larger every year.

“Road tolls are bad for the environment, bad for traffic congestion and bad for motorists’ wallets.

"They represent nothing more than a stealth tax on motorists who already pay road tax to use the public road network in the UK."

Local MEP Paul Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader said: "Modern day motorists are fleeced by ANPR cameras and electronic tolling systems rather than by a man wearing a mask and brandishing pistols, but we should make no mistake - it is still highway robbery.”

UKIP activists will be campaigning at Oakdale Road bridge, Wallasey, from 7.30am today, Monday March 3.