THE stage musical version of the much-loved film from 1990 is a world-wide hit and once you experience the superb, stunning and breath-taking special effects you will understand why, writes Peter Grant.

Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore as Sam and Molly respectively, stole a lot of hearts with their on-screen chemistry as a New York couple enjoying their yuppie life. She, a successful artist, and he. a Wall Street good guy (yes, there are some).

Then tragedy strikes. Sam, played on stage by a gutsy Stewart Clarke, is gunned down and returns to earth to avenge his death and console Mollie, courtesy of the vocally versatile Rebecca Trehearn.

Happy medium Oda - recreating Whoopi Goldberg's screen version - is fleshed out by effervescent actress Wendy Mae Brown.

She is a great go-betweener - who links our heart-broken pair in their supernatural quest.

The music from Eurythmics David Stewart and Glen Ballard offers moving slowies and gospel-styled rockers.

They provide a backdrop to the pivotal theme song - Unchained Melody which is used sensually in the famous potter's wheel scene.

Director Matthew Warchus is spot on throughout guiding all theatrical and visual facets to merge in a seamless production.

The special effects, however, are indeed out of this earthly world.

We soar above the New York skylines and gate-crash a scary subway train ride while also mingling with rain-drenched Big Apple folk holding on to floating umbrellas.

If you enjoyed the classic romantic film you will find this sparkling touring theatre version a welcome and wonderful comeback to your senses.

A standing ovation to a class act said it all.

And the moral remains the same ... tell someone you love them before it's too late. As our celestial hero Sam Would say - Ditto!

9/10 ... High Spirited

Ghost appears at the Empire until Saturday, February 22. Tickets from 0844 871 3017.