WIRRAL mother-of-four Lisa Smedley is preparing to lose all her hair as a statement of love and solidarity with Cockayne Syndrome victim Amy Garton-Hughes.

Thirty three-year-old Lisa's luxuriant brown hair hangs half-way down her back, but she is ready to have it all shaved off to raise money for the special charity carrying Amy's name.

Cockayne Syndrome victims age prematurely and its progression has caused Amy, from Wallasey, to start losing her own hair.

Lisa, a close friends of Amy's parents Mark and Jayne Hughes, said: "I love Amy and all the children suffering with the disease.

"They go from day to day without knowing whether they will be OK or in hospital.

"I wanted to raise money for the Amy and Friends charity and I thought about having my hair shaved off to show solidarity with Amy and all the other children.

"It will take a long while to grow back, but it will be worth it."

Jayne Hughes said: "I am stunned by Lisa’s gesture. She has very long and thick hair and it is a huge thing to have it all cut off; I think she is amazing to go through with it, even though I tried to talk her out of it."

The cut will be carried out by professional hairdressers, though Amy will be invited to carry out a snip.

Jayne said Lisa had already been promised a £200 donation which had overwhelmed her.

People from across the UK involved in the Amy and Friends charity will attend the shaving ceremony tomorrow (Sunday) at the Park View Social Club in Liscard Road, Wallasey.

Last October the Morgan Foundation – one of the region’s biggest providers of funding for children’s and family charities - awarded Amy and Friends £10,000 as winners of the "Against All Odds" category.

On hearing of Amy’s deterioration Steve Morgan donated a further £10,000.

All cash raised will go towards the £50,000 cost of staging the charity's seventh annual conference at St David's Hotel, Queensferry that will be attended by families with Cockayne Syndrome sufferers from across the Globe.