EUROPEAN teachers have praised West Kirby Grammar School’s stance on student health and wellbeing.

The delegation of teachers from Finland, Poland, Hungary and Germany were also impressed by the schools' pastoral care procedures and use of learning mentors.

They are now thinking of adopting the same policies in their own schools.

The teachers were part of a 120-strong overseas delegation of school students and staff to visit the grammar school as part of an on-going Comenius project between European schools.

Ulla Villa, a teacher from Finland, who was leading the party of visiting delegates, said the Comenius project was designed to promote understanding between different nations and awareness of cultural differences.

“We want the students to look at various issues, such as tolerance, well being, equality and respect.

"By bringing students and teachers from different nations together they can learn from each other.

"For instance we were all very impressed by the structures in place at West Kirby and how the school fully considered the well-being of every student.

"The use of learning mentors was also something we thought was an excellent idea."

But she added the English education system could also learn some lessons from their European neighbours.

"In Finland we do focus heavily on sports and outdoor activities.

"Nutrition is also something we take very seriously, for example a lot of time is spent ensuring school lunches are healthy and balanced nutritionally and in our country these are also free for students.

The delegation spent a week sharing information and views. Families across West Kirby played host to the visiting students and delegates were also able to visit Liverpool and different tourist attractions during their stay.

Teacher and student delegates plan to come together again in April, this time in Poland, to compare their findings and highlight examples of best practice across different schools.

The proposals will then be shared with head teachers in the different countries.