STUDENTS from West Kirby Grammar School have raised £4,800 for a charity supporting young blood cancer victims.

They took part in fancy dress fun runs, baked and sold cakes, organised charity fairs and even persuaded their teachers to take part in a sponsored karaoke event to bring in the cash.

Ernie Macaulay, Wirral branch chairman of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, said: "It is a fantastic achievement and also heart-warming to think about the efforts these young people went to, especially as many of the sufferers in Merseyside who will benefit are complete strangers.

"The school's support enables us to continue the vital research into blood cancer and how to treat it.

"In 1960 when our charity was first set up being diagnosed with leukaemia was considered a death sentence.

"Today nine out of 10 young people survive the most common form of leukaemia,” he added.

Language teacher Faye Limberg who is also the school’s charity representative, said each student year group selected a worthy cause to become the focus of their fund raising.

She added: "When students discovered more about Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research they all decided to support its efforts."