AN optician in Wallasey is asking raders to donate their old and unwanted glasses as part of "Random Acts of Kindness Week".

The Cherry Tree Centre Specsavers store in Wallasey will be setting up collection bins throughout the week, which began on Monday, February 10, for the public to hand over their old specs for a worthwhile cause.

The donated glasses are recycled and the money raised will help to fund the important work carried out by Vision Aid Overseas in developing countries.

Wallasey store director Ken Roberts said: "Eye care is something that we take for granted in the UK because there is an optician on almost every high street.

"For people in developing countries, this is not the case, and as a result children are unable to finish their education, parents cannot work to support their families and grandparents have never seen their grandchildren.

"In some of these cases all they need is an eye test and a pair of glasses."

Specsavers has worked closely with Vision Aid Overseas for the last ten years and is continuing to do so.

In this time, the company has raised more than £370,000 and has collected over 250,000 pairs of recycled glasses.

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