Wirral primary pupils got the "WoW factor" in a bid to ease traffic congestion at the school gates.

Greenleas Primary stands close to a heavily-trafficked junction in Wallasey Village, and householders have constantly complained about irresponsible parking by parents dropping off and picking up their children.

Now all pupils are taking part in a WoW - Walk once a Week - initiative in which they collect badges if they walk to school at least once a week for a month.

Those who walk more often have a chance of winning the "Class of the Month" trophy.

The youngsters have contacted a nearby supermarket in the hope of securing parking spaces for parents to leave their cars while they walk the remaining distance to the primary school with their children.

Greenleas head teacher Jo Russell said children were very enthusiastic about the scheme, which has eased congestion around the school.

She said: “I am not saying it has solved the problem, but it has improved.

“Parents are playing their part by parking some distance from the school and walking the rest of the way.”

Local Cllr Leah Fraser said: “There are always problems around schools concerning parking and with parents dropping off and picking up, which can cause congestion for those wanting to get to work or get on with their daily lives.

“There is a particular problem around Greenleas Primary School which is situated at the head of a cul-de-sac, so I was pleased to hear that the school is actively doing something to try and reduce complaints from local residents about parking issues and, at the same time, become more environmentally friendly.

The school is working along-side Wirral Council’s project co-ordinator Katherine Culshaw.

Katherine,  from the road safety team, said almost 40 Wirral primary schools were now involved in the scheme.

Local Transport Fund cash had been made available to cover the cost of badges, trophies and highways work to improve safety.

She said: “Each class records their daily journey on wall charts and at the end of each month every child that has walked at least once a week is rewarded with a W0W badge – designed by the children themselves.”

Council officers met recently and identified improvements to encourage more pupils to walk to school and ideas to make walks safer.