ARROWE Park and Clatterbridge hospitals are undergoing a £6.3m green makeover that will allow them to produce their own energy supplies.

The 15-year project will save £250,000 annually and reduce the hospitals' carbon output by around 6,200 tonnes per year, one-third of today’s levels.

Wirral Hospital Trust has appointed energy management specialist ENER-G to design and operate a system enabling the hospitals to produce their own "green" energy.

This is equivalent environmental benefit to removing 3,900 cars from the road, or the carbon absorbed annually by 5,082 acres of forest.

Trust director David Hounslea said: "This ambitious project will reduce the carbon footprint at our two acute hospitals by approximately 30% and will be financed through the energy savings we generate."

Alan Barlow, managing director of ENER-G, said: "We are delighted to work with the Wirral team to help them achieve further improvements in energy efficiency."

The company has fitted similar systems to more than 50 hospitals.

The trust will not be using its own money to carry out the scheme.