A FATHER and son from Birkenhead filmed wild animals being torn apart in arranged fights with predators.

One sickening film showed a wild fox being attacked by three dogs.

The pair pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to protected animals including chickens, rats, pigeons and a fox, and will be sentenced next month.

Ronald Guy, aged 62, of Harrowby Road and his 42-year-old son Lee Andrew Guy, of a separate address on Harrowby Road, admitted a total of seven animal cruelty offences when they faced Wirral magistrates on Wednesday.

A joint operation between the RSPCA and Merseyside Police discovered DVDs and films of the offences at the defendants’ homes after a search was carried out at a nearby allotment.

The footage showed animal cruelty taking place and both father and son were arrested.

Ronald Guy pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to three chickens by inhumanely slaughtering them.

Lee Guy admitted the inhumane slaughter of chickens, as well as causing 12 wild rats to be attacked by dogs in locations across Birkenhead.

He also admitted causing an animal fight to take place between a fox and three dogs as well as feeding feral pigeons to ferrets.

RSPCA officer Anthony Joynes said: "The suffering caused to the animals involved in this case is beyond belief and truly sickening.

"The activities are nothing short of animal torture.

"I have spent hours and hours examining the footage of what has gone on here.

"Animals were made to fight for their lives against each other and Lee Guy was clearly obsessed with the interactions between prey and predactor and can be heard goading and encouraging the dogs to attack.

"He can also be heard laughing and joking when the dogs are being bitten back.

"It is truly abhorrent activity and I hope the magistrates sentence him accordingly as this behavuour has no place in today's society."

The pair will return to the court for sentencing on March 5.

Sentencing was adjourned until March 17.