A HEARTBROKEN dog lover is appealing for information after her beloved pet was killed in a savage attack by two other dogs in Liscard.

Dolores Sellars has been left devastated by the death of her one-year-old cross Yorkshire terrier Pip.

The Wallasey resident, who celebrated her 61st birthday on Sunday, is now hoping to track down the owner of the dogs that killed him in the hope of preventing it from happening again.

Merseyside Police are investigating the incident, which happened in Central Park, on Liscard Road, at around 10.30am on Tuesday, January 28.

Ms Sellars was walking Pip in the park and had just let him off his lead when he was attacked by the two dogs, which she describes as looking like Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

The dogs were on leads but set-upon rescue dog Pip, who Ms Sellars had only had for three months, as he ran over in an attempt to play.

“When Pip saw the dogs what went through his brain was that it was play time,” said mother-of-two Ms Sellars.

“He was running towards the dogs and the owner starting panicking and shouting ‘No’.

“It was if he knew what was going to happen and as soon as Pip reached them, they just tore into him.”

The savage attack left Pip with injuries to his leg and abdominal are but his internal injuries were unfortunately too serious for vets to save him.

“The owner went to leave straight away – he wasn’t going to wait for the police. I just wanted to get Pip to the vet as soon as possible to see if anything could be done for him but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

“I asked him for his name and address because he was going to pay for it but they were false details.

“It could have been a toddler and the way he was behaving, he was punching one of the dogs and shouting at it to stop but it wouldn’t listen – he knew what was going to happen.

“This could happen again and I just want to find the owner of these dogs because people will have seen him.”

The owner is described as being in his late 40s or early 50s, and of stocky build.

Ms Sellars, who lives alone and got Pip to act as a companion, said she believes that had Pip been on his own lead, things would have ended the same way.

She said: “I had to drag one of the dogs off Pip and it took all of my strength.

“That dog could have turned around and bitten me. What if it isn’t another dog next time, what if they go for a child or what if it had been an older lady?

“I know it is the dogs that killed Pip but I don’t blame them, I blame the owner.”

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said: “As the dogs who attacked the other dog were not believed to be a banned breed, it is not thought any criminal offences under section one of the Dangerous Dogs Act have been committed.

“However, we are continuing to establish if an offence of allowing any breed of dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place has been committed.

“At this time all options under existing legislation are being considered.

“Officers would ask the owner of the two dogs involved or anyone who has any information about the dogs or the owner involved to contact 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”