A WALLASEY mother has given herself a permanent reminder of the daily battle faced by a severely-ill boy by having the words 'Team George' tattooed across her forearm.

Mother-of-one Kerry Hook had what she describes as a "badge of honour" inked last week to support four-year-old George Johnson, who desperately needs to meet with a specialist doctor in America to find answers for his crippling mystery illness.

George has spent most of his short life travelling back and forth from Great Ormond Street where he has undergone 75 operations for the undiagnosed condition that affects his digestive system.

His family is currently fundraising for a trip to Ohio to see a consultant who they hope will finally be able to shed some light on George’s condition, which means he has to be fed via a tube through his heart.

While the family has grabbed the attention of the world’s media and raised more than half the amount needed to fund the trip through their charity, Team George, close family friend Kerry has helped to boost the total even further, raising £300 through her selfless and permanent act.

The 27-year-old – who is engaged to George's second cousin – surrendered part of her forearm to a 'Team George' tattoo, designed by George's five-year-old sister, Ava, after being inspired by his bravery.

Kerry, who works for William Hill and also helps out at St George’s Primary School – where both her daughter Emily and the Johnson children attend – said: "I've got numerous tattoos, some for silly reasons and I can't honestly think of a better reason than this.

"I have known about Team George and the family’s plight from quite early on in their journey," said mother-of-one Kerry.

"I wanted to do something that people would take notice of, I thought a tattoo would get people's attention as it is so permanent."

After settling on a design with Ava, Kerry had the ink done last week at Studio 23.

She said: "It was done really quickly and didn't hurt but if it did, I wouldn't have complained as George has been through so much pain and he is always so brave.

"It was so worth it, George is such an inspirational and brave boy.

"I'll wear it as a badge of honour and it will always remind me of his courage."

To donate, visit http://bit.ly/1dWq58k or for more information about George, search for ‘Team George’ on Facebook.