A Wallasey man was among 12 arrested in early morning raids to tackle football hooliganism.

Police carried out synchronised raids at 7am on homes of Liverpool FC supporters involved in a fight in a pub after a Liverpool’s home game against West Ham in December.

Chief Superintendent Jon Ward, area commander for north Liverpool, said the operation sends out a powerful message to a small minority of "so-called football fans", intent on becoming involved in violence and disorder, that this type of behaviour in unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

 He said: "Today’s operation is just the start of our proactive work to target these individuals.

"Over the forthcoming weeks we have a number of operations planned to target those intent on causing trouble around football fixtures in the area. 
"You might think you are anonymous in the crowd or in a busy bar and no-one can see your anti-social behaviour and actions but think about it next time because 12 people in custody right now had the same thought.

"In the next few weeks more people can expect to have early morning wake up calls courtesy of my officers.
"For an offence to be considered as being football related it has to be within 24 hours either side of a football match. Distance is irrelevant just as long as we can prove it was football related.
"Successful convictions should result in football banning orders which will mean they will no longer be able to attend games or follow their national side abroad.
"On Merseyside, there are already 70 football banning orders in force, which gives reassurance to those genuine fans and family groups who want to go and watch their local football club in a trouble-free atmosphere."
All 13 men remain in police custody at this time.

The arrests follow an incident in McHales bar on Lime Street after the Liverpool match against West Ham on December 7, when a  brawl broke out between a group of Liverpool supporters and Everton fans, who were returning to the city from a gig in Manchester.

The raids are in advance of the derby game between Liverpool and Everton next Tuesday.