RESIDENTS living on the top floor of flats in Prenton say they have been left anything but high and dry because of a leaky roof.

Rainwater dripping through the ceiling of the communal hallway of their home in Well Lane has led to occupants having to mop up in a bid to stop flooding.

Margaret Duffy, 70, is among those afftected by the leak. She told the Globe the roof has been fixed three times.

The building is owned by Magenta Living, who say repair work is due to start on January 21.

Mrs Duffy hopes it will see the problem sorted out for good.

She said: "As far as I'm concerned, something needs to be done now. The longer this is left, the more serious it will become.

"The water just leaks through the ceiling. The lampshade in the hallway was filled with water and we had to empty it ourselves.

"I don't mind cleaning up the water, but we pay rent to live here and shouldn’t have to do this sort of work ourselves, it's very dangerous.

"One of my neighbours was on holiday and I had to get the keys from the flats' caretaker to check that her flat wasn't flooded. Magenta Living have said it’s not an emergency, but it really is."

In a statement, Magenta Living said: "We received a call to report a leaking flat roof at flats in Well Lane on December 23. An order was raised to inspect.

"On December 24, a further call was received to report water in the lights in the communal area.

"An emergency appointment was raised and an electrician visited the block of flats the same day.

"No water could be seen in the lighting fixtures or in the electrical cupboard.

"We received a call on December 30 to report the roof was leaking and attended on January 2.

"It was determined that scaffolding was required to enable work to be carried out and this was ordered the same day. Work to the flat roof will begin on January 21."