A WIRRAL dad has recalled the 'amazing' moment he acted as midwife when his wife gave birth in the hallway of their home.

Kevin Burns went to action as travel agent Helen went into the labour at their home in Leyburn Road, Wallasey, on the morning of December 27.

With help from nurses over the phone he safely delivered little Louis James, who came into the world a healthy 6lb 10.5oz.

The couple were preparing for the birth and Kevin took their one-year-old son Lucas to stay at his grandparents while they headed to hospital.

But on returning home he found Helen, 39, in the last stages of labour.

Recalling the drama, Kevin told the Globe: "After dropping Lucas off at his grandparents I had a funny feeling that I needed to get home.

"On my return I found Helen on the floor screaming. So, I phoned the midwife who said I should call an ambulance. I rang them and gave my address, above Helen's screams.

"The nurse on the other end of the phone talked me through the delivery while I waited for the ambulance.

"They were just so calm, much calmer than I thought I was.

"We delivered a baby, who was a good colour and is doing very well.

"We got him wrapped up in a towel and the ambulance arrived and we went to Arrowe Park Hospital, where we told everything was ok.

"I was told there that I only needed 39 more deliveries to become a midwife.

"The five minutes waiting for the ambulance was a really amazing experience that money can't buy."

Praising her husband's efforts, Helen, a travel agent, said: "The emergency services were brilliant. They talked Kevin through every stage of the birth.

"I went into labour and Kevin acted in a calm manner, taking all the instructions he was given.

"He knew how to deliver the baby safely and did a great job.

"He said it was the best moment of his life and I’m so proud of him. Louis is doing fine."