A SCHEME to fit sprinklers into buildings where people are more at risk of experiencing a fire in Merseyside has been given the go-ahead.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority (MFRA) has agreed to put funds towards the project which will see at least one building in each of the five districts in the region fitted with a sprinkler system.

The announcement was made ahead of Sprinkler Week which starts on February 3.

The aim is to also provide sprinklers, a tannoy and intercom and firefighting equipment in at least one high rise block in each of Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service’s five districts, representing best practice in fire risk management.

The exact locations in which sprinklers will be fitted are yet to be identified.

MFRA is now working with Registered Social Landlords who will retro-fit sprinkler systems to buildings where more vulnerable residents are living, including blocks of flats.

Councillor Dave Hanratty, chair of MFRA, said: "Sprinkler systems will also contribute towards firefighter safety as they can stop fires spreading and we will be supporting RSLs during the installation of the sprinklers.

"RSLs will pay for the running cost and maintenance of the sprinkler systems.

"The benefit of sprinklers and the impact they have suppressing fires and limiting a fire spreading in a building is a topic I am passionate about and I am delighted this project is beginning with the support of our partners.

"A particular focus is the elderly and those at greater risk of experiencing fire."