WIRRAL Council has promised to clean up an alleyway after months of rubbish piling up.

Alan Smedley from Tranmere claims he first told the local authority about the problem more than two months ago after bags of food waste and household rubbish began to gather outside his back yard.

The 48-year-old said the problem has got so bad that he can no longer open the windows at the back of his house due to the stench coming from the alleyway and cannot allow his young niece and nephew to play outside anymore.

According to Mr Smedley, he has complained on several occasions to the council to no avail but they have now promised to step in next week.

He said: “We know where the rubbish is coming from but no-one seems to be doing anything about it or to punish these people.

"The rubbish is so bad that we can’t open the windows because of the amount of flies out there and the smell is just awful.

“We look after our niece and nephew - ages 18 months and four – and we can’t let them play out at the back because it’s not a nice environment. A few weeks ago there was a dead cat out there which was removed but the rubbish stayed.

“Someone even set the pile on fire the other week so it needs to taken away.

“We keep getting told different dates when it’s going to be dealt with but I’m fed up of it now – it’s a health and safety issue.”

A Wirral Council spokeswoman said the matter was scheduled to be dealt with early next week and that Mr Smedley should have been informed of this.

Meanwhile, Pat Cleary from Wirral Green Party said more needed to be done to clean up Birkenhead.

He said: “The council need to do more to tackle the problem of fly-tipping.

"It’s a long-standing complaint in the area and I don’t think they do anywhere near enough.

“People who throw rubbish out irresponsibly are anti-social and should be dealt with in such a way.”

View a video proudced by Pat on this issue below.