WIRRAL Council is investigating how it came to be following a swingers’ sex club on its official Twitter account.

The bizarre online link was discovered by a councillor who is now demanding an explanation.

Liberal Democrat Stuart Kelly also spotted the authority was following several local politicians on the social media site – even though he had been assured this would never happen as it would be against the town hall's “impartiality” policy.

The sex club's Twitter profile says: "We’re the UK’s premier swingers’ club based in the North West. We provide a decadent meeting place for like-minded singles and couples exploring their fantasies."

Councillor Kelly accused the authority being irresponsible with its social media activity.

He said: “I was looking at who the council is following at Twitter and I was shocked to see the first five on the list were holiday cruise companies and a swingers’ club.

“It’s completely inappropriate for a local authority to be following an account for a sex club.

“I can’t imagine why anything that they tweet would be retweeted by the council

“There were also a few Labour accounts being followed, as well as that of Tory group leader Jeff Green.

“But when I pulled them up about this, they claimed the council had to be impartial and did not follow councillors.”

In an email to Cllr Kelly, seen by the Globe, a council marketing department representative said: “In order to remain impartial we don't follow councillors and we try not to follow political organisations. We do follow the four local MPs.

"We also try not to follow anyone who is obviously posting content that other people might find offensive."

Councillor Kelly added: “If you look at Liverpool City Council’s twitter account, they are following many schools and colleges which would be helpful to retweet exam information or bad weather updates.

"But it seems Wirral doesn’t think that way.

“The people Wirral Council follows should be appropriate and have relevant news to share.”

The swingers' club link has now been unfollowed by the authority.

A town hall spokeswoman said: “We are investigating at the moment how the council came to be following the business in question, and have now removed it from the account.

“There is a council policy governing the appropriate use of IT systems and programmes, the broad principles of which also cover social media. This is regularly issued to staff.

“However, we realise that social media is a fast moving media, and we should have been quicker and more responsive in this instance.

“The initial information given to the councillor was clearly not accurate and this is extremely regrettable.

“This was absolutely not done in any deliberate attempt to mislead.

“The actual list of people and organisations the council follows is already in the public domain.”