CAMPAIGNERS who fought tirelessly to stop retail giant Tesco opening a new store have won their battle as planners reject the proposals.

The supermarket chain had asked Wirral Council for permission to build a convenience store, believed to have been a Tesco Express, on the former Classic Cars site in Wallasey Village.

However the controversial scheme attracted criticism from local residents and businesses and a 1,200-strong petition was gathered in a bid to prevent approval.

It was the second time Tesco had put forward an application to build on the site following a refusal in April.

But despite council officers recommending that the plans be given the go-ahead, councillors voted to reject the proposals when the local authority’s planning committee met on Thursday night.

And Wallasey councillor Leah Fraser, who backed residents' fight, said it was a "huge victory" for the area.

She said: "Many people have said that 'Tesco get what they want', well not this time, and not in Wallasey Village.

"Tesco, with all their billions has been defeated for the second time in 12 months. Wirral has reached saturation point - everywhere you look you see a Tesco store, we’re surrounded and we didn’t need another one.

"I'm delighted for all those Wallasey residents who fought against having a Tesco on their doorstep, and won.

"It was a battle between David and Goliath. It's great news for the 1,200 people who live nearby and who objected."

Councillor Fraser added that traffic concerns and the possible impact on local traders had played a massive part in people coming together to oppose the plans.

And lead petitioner Purdeep Chahal said councillors had made the right decision by not backing down to the supermarket giant.

Mr Chahal said: "The way I see it is that Tesco always get what they want but this shows that when you fight them, you can actually win.

"We all hope that they will stay away now and realise that Wallasey Village doesn’t need a Tesco."

Labour councillor Bernie Mooney, who voted against the plans at the meeting, said: "The main issues for me were the proximity of the site to neighbouring properties and the traffic problems.

"Parking would have been a major problem, especially with St Mary's College being so close and there was little information about delivery times and service vehicles arriving."

Globe has contacted Tesco and is waiting for a response.